Parisa Karimi aka rangbarang (born in Berlin. Alumna of the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne); is a media artist, researcher, vj, performer and lecturer. She grew up in various places, with different languages and cultures and defines herself as a world citizen. Her mothertongue is Persian and German.

Karimi’s interdisciplinary work often deals with sociological and philosophical questions reflecting power structures, space and gender which lead her to explore innovative methods of communication. Therefor she often involves people as experts on certain issues by interviewing them and creating a storyline out of collected contents. In her works she combines documentary elements, animation, (live) projection mapping, (av) performances and installations, along with interactive interfaces and possibilities for participation.

Parisa Karimi is also the founder of the HeimatlosGrenzenlos (“HomelessBorderless”) network (since 2005) and studio space (since 2016).
Therefor she developes artistic approaches and the infrastructure to realize them. Setting, borders and languages beside, HeimatlosGrenzenlos creates space to experiment and transforme perception by coming together in artistic projects, exhibitions, workshops, etc.
The network consists of an independent association of artists, scientists and educators with different artistic, cultural and language skills and backgrounds.

Karimi’s works have been shown at various international festivals, including: European Mapping Festival (France), VISIO (Brazil), European Short Film Festival MIT (USA) or the Environmental Arts Festival (Iran)