video installation/ projection mapping

Warum bin ich hier? ( engl. “why am i here?”) is an interactive mapping installation, which grows through the participation of the visitors. The videos of the faces are shot during the exhibition and added to the video installation. Through the mapping composition the parts of the different faces are put together to one face. © Brandt/Karimi 2017


as it grows – Mapping Performance on the Radion Building in Amsterdam, LPM 2017.
Animations & Live Performance: rangbarang aka Parisa Karimi.
Sound Design: Kabelton


wonderland – is an interactive av installation controlled by touch sensors. Through movements on two exercise balls animated images are triggered and sounds manipulated. (2017)

MAPPING MEMORY 2.0 – video installation & -performance. Presented in the Moltkerei e.V. as part of the exhibition “kartographierte impulse einer bewegung” (2016)


MAPPING MEMORY 1.0 – video installation & av performance presented at the opening of the HeimatlosGrenzenlos Studio (2016)

live music – sonae


VJ rangbarang/ rangobarang