Encounter in Four Chapters

(Original title in german: “Begegnung in vier Kapiteln” / Original Length: 23 min)

The contents of the film arose out of an inter-faith art workshop going by the title “Encounter”. 
The film is originally conceptualised for a video exhibit as part of the exhibition, titled “God3” (Opening April 2017). All Content – Music,Text and Images were developed by the youth participants during the course of the art workshop.

“Encounter in Four Chapters” is an interdisciplinary and staged documentation in which eight young people appear. Some of whom have a refugee background. Their fears, dreams, and desires, and criticism of their own beliefs are addressed via a process and a collective exchange. 
Animation and Elements of Dance Theatre are implemented as additional stylistic devices.

Concept and Direction: Parisa Karimi
Camera: Julia Franken
ProtagonistInnen: Abdul-Rahman Ahmadi, Obada Alorbeni, Kenana Alorbeni, Luisa Baier, Mohammad Ebrahimi, Raaes Khan, Felicia Paltrinieri, Salahudin Popalzai Animation Workshop Management: Pauline Flory und Rikisaburo Sato
Production Design Workshop Management: Jan Patrick Brandt
Writing, Theatre, and Music Workshop Management: Maryam Mohseni und Erik Werner
Artistic Direction & Editing: Parisa Karimi
Trailer Editing: Sunjha Kim
Sound Design: Gerald Schauder
Color Correction: Rikisaburo Sato
German Subtitles: Amani Al-Saqaff
English Subtitles: Clayton Mitchell
Spanish Subtitles: Zahara Méndez Hernández
A Production of the “HeimatlosGrenzenlos” Network in cooperation with wert-voll ggmbh and the RELIGIO Museum. sponsored by: Commissioner of the Federal Government for Culture and Media, Ministry for Family, Children,Youth, Culture and Sport of the state of NRW, Sparkassenstiftung Münsterland Ost

Available language formats
Spoken Text: German/English/Arabic/Persian
Available Languages:
– with German Subtitles 
– with English Subtitles
– with Spanish Subtitles


Der Zeitungsspaziergang (2016)

video performance /  5 minutes

A newspaper mountain with legs pop out from a paper head and starts walking through the streets without hurry without aim.


Mar Morto (2011)

Video installation / 8 minutes

In this work, i took the sea as the image for birth, for life and death in the same time.
The title – in engl. Sea of Death – comes from the novel of the brazilian author Jorge Amado.The video installation uses two channels. On the left side we see in a loop an old woman and a girl walking in each others footsteps.Through the editing their movements become one and create an imaginary circle untill they dissapear more and more in the sea. On the second screen we see the old woman singing a song on yemanja and the two protagonists watching in a mirror.

Stills from the video



evanescence (2012)


Zwischenwelten (engl. Betweenworlds) (2007)

short film / 37 minutes

“Betweenworlds” is an interdisciplinary film featuring six people from differing migrant backgrounds, uniting them in the search for an inner homeland.The film uses dance to move between documentary and fictional levels, as the protagonists journey together through a dreamscape connecting the stations of their biographies.